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Jaworzno III Power Plant, Poland

ULMA provided comprehensive support
The new addition to Jaworzno III Power Plant, Poland, will boast a 910 MW production capacity. ULMA provided comprehensive support for this project.


The new addition to Jaworzno III Power Plant, Poland, will boast a 910 MW production capacity. 

ULMA Solution

ULMA provided comprehensive support for this project, including engineering solutions, scaffolding and formwork systems, and supervision for the construction of both the powerhouse and the electrical and mechanical systems centre.


Building the powerhouse is always one of the most demanding aspects of any power plant. The subterranean section is built as a rectangle 104 m long, 51 m wide, and almost 7 m tall. Both the interior columns and the perimeter walls, which are 6.60 m in height and 50 cm thick, were poured using ORMA Formwork, designed to withstand pouring pressures up to 80 kN/m². The columns were poured using 132 cm-wide ORMA column panels, which allowed sections as large as 120 cm x 120 cm to be poured without the use of any auxiliary supports or walers. The ENKOFLEX beam system, supported by T-60 Shoring, was used to pour the slab with a thickness ranging from 30 cm to 40 cm. 

The first aboveground slab is at a height of 15 m, with a thickness that varies between 2.38 m and 3.90 m. It was shored by a two-level structure employing both MK and T-60 shoring. The first level was composed of MK-360 shoring structures more than 7.5 m tall, with plan spaces ranging from 1.5 m x 2.0 m, to 4.0 m x 2.5 m.  Part of the structure was set on metal beams to ensure an even load distribution. The second level was made of T-60 Towers 3 m tall, set on HEB 320 and HEB 200 ledgers and joists.

Electrical and Mechanical Systems Centre

The building is seven storeys tall, with a quasi-rectangular floor plan measuring 13.3 m x 81.75 m, and a height that varies from 30 m to 46 m.

BMK Climbing Brackets were used in combination with ORMA Panel Formwork to build the walls. The construction required 33 individual bracket assemblies with platforms underneath for cone recovery. The scaffolding for rebar placement was fixed to the BMK Brackets to ensure worker safety.

ENKOFLEX and MK Tables were used as formwork for the slabs and beams. The MK Table system features MK Walers that allow ALUPROP props to be folded and locked, thus making transport between levels much simpler and more efficient. T-60 Towers were used for the slabs at heights reaching up to 9.5 m. 

ULMA provided comprehensive safety solutions for this project.  The wall formwork was provisioned with safety platforms on both sides, and in two formats: standard systems with metal platforms pre-mounted on brackets, and the new safety platform for wall construction, SBU. This system allows working platforms to be fitted with certified BRIO Scaffolding components. Being modular, it can adapt to a wide range of spaces for formwork installation, while guaranteeing a completely safe work environment complete with safes accesses. 

To guarantee safe access to the column formwork, a 52 cm-wide universal platform was employed. The first section is mobile, allowing it to adjust perfectly to the height of any structure.