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Roads and Bridges

Design, engineering and integration to the landscape are the main challenges to face when constructing a bridge or viaduct.
Every project is unique. We offer configurable bridge formwork systems optimized for every bridge structure.
Ask for advice on your next bridge or viaduct construction project.

Bridge over the Grand River, Ontario, Canada

The bridge over the Grand River, first new crossing of the river since 1963, links two economically important areas, Kitchener and Cambridge.

Hisgaura Bridge, Colombia

The Hisgaura Bridge, stretching 653 m in length with a single span reaching 400 m, will become in 2018 the longest cable-stayed bridge in South America.

Bridge over the Wisłok River, Rzeszów, Poland

The unique element of the project is a reinforced-concrete pylon measuring 108.5 meters in height.

Bridge over the Rudavoi River, Belluno, Italy

This variable section bridge, located to the north of Italy, has three spans and was poured in situ.

Plati Viaduct, Calabria, Italy

The Plati Viaduct steel-concrete composite bridge is part of the Bovolino - Bagnara motorway in Calabria, southern region of Italy. This project consists of two 320 m and 400 m long viaducts.

The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, Spain

The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, with its 3,082 m long deck is going to be the longest bridge of Spain and one of the longest worldwide.

Bridge at km 81.1 - D1 Motorway, Bertotovce, Slovak Republic

This bridge is part of the most important motorway currently under construction in the Slovak Republic.

Bridge over the Napo River, Orellana, Ecuador

At 300 m of this project, there is a 200 m long and 2.5 m wide one-way bridge.

Tingo Bridge, Northern Interoceanic Highway, Peru

The 40 m long and 9.4 m wide Tingo Bridge is located in the Amazonian province of Bagua Grande, on the 900 km long Northern Interoceanic Highway.

Electric train, Lima, Peru

This emblematic project of the City of Lima involves the construction of a 12.5 km long elevated viaduct and 8 train stations.

Mario Covas Ring Road, São Paulo - SP, Brazil

Leading around Brazil's capital and the metropolitan area of São Paulo, this ring road intercepts the state's main highways.

Bypass road and motorway Port Of El Salvador, Brazil

This project is part of the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) funded by the Government of the State of Bahia.