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Power plants

These are sturdy concrete structures in which safety, speed of construction and cost-effectiveness are important points.
Our gained experience in this sector, has allowed us to offer the top formwork solution and a reliable service.
Ask for advice on your next industrial or energy construction project.

Waste Incineration Plant, Konin, Poland

The new incinerator in Poland will process 94,000 tonnes of mixed waste from the region of Konin a year.

Power Plant in Kozienice, Poland

The Kozienice power plant, working since 1972, is the second largest coal power station of Poland and the first one with regard to productive capacity.

Połaniec Power Plant, Połaniec, Poland

It has taken almost a year to build the Biomass block of the Połaniec plant, leading example of Poland's energy industry.

Cerro Verde Mining Company, Arequipa, Peru

The old Cerro Verde Mine, mainly extracting copper, is currently being expanded.

Teles Pires hydroelectric plant, Brazil

This hydroelectric plant Teles Pires is part of the infrastructure plan in the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) of the Federal Government of Brazil.

Penjuru Road, Singapore

This is an industrial building of 5 floors with another office building and underground parking attached.

Konin Power Plant, Poland

The project encompasses the construction of a biomass energy power station with 50 MW power capacity.

Kallpa Thermal Power Plant, Chilca - Lima, Peru

It is a pioneer power station in Peru, as it is the first one which works with natural gas.

Bayovar project, Piura Region, Peru

Bayovar is located in the Sechura desert in the region of Piura, Peru.

Jirau Hydroelectric Power Plant, Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil

With 5,957 m length and 56 m height, Jirau will become the world's 14th largest power station regarding its capacity for sustainable energy production in the world.

Petronor Coke Plant, Muskiz, Spain

The Petronor refinery, with more than 40 years of activity, is the plant with the most capacity in the peninsula, and one of the most important in Europe.

Rheinhafen Power Plant, Karlsruhe, Germany

The construction work began its improvement phase at the Rheinhafen power station in Karlsruhe with the expansion of a new RDK 8 coal-fired power plant.