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Light and high-capacity aluminum prop


Light and high-capacity aluminum prop

High load-bearing capacity shoring posts to shore horizontal formwork and to meet shoring requirements, including re-shoring.

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  • Extremely lightweight props.
  • Very high capacity: Up to 100 kN.
  • Certified prop according to EN 16031.
  • Perforated wing nut facilitates prop removal.
  • Self-cleaning thread eliminates concrete on the inner tube.
  • Possibility to gain height by placing prop on prop connected with ALUPROP clamp or with bolts. Suits assembly of high shorings.
  • Easy and quick length adjustment.
  • Safety: Shoring structure can be assembled in horizontal position on the ground. Subsequent lifting and placing with crane, enables ergonomic and safe working conditions for workers.

*Financing Available.

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Up to 19.7 ft with a single prop


2220010 ALUPROP 1.65-2.8 
2220020 ALUPROP 2.2-3.7
2220030 ALUPROP 3.3-4.8
2220040 ALUPROP 4.5-6.0
2220055 SUPLEMENT 1 m

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