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RKS formwork versatility at Toowoomba Viaduct, Australia

Jun 20, 2019
Extending 41 km in length, the Toowoomba project will create a safer, faster, and more efficient route connecting the main mercantile and cargo ports in the region. It will also redirect all heavy goods traffic away from the financial district of the Australian city.

The partnership between ULMA Construction and UNISPAN, ULMA’s official distributor in Australia, made it possible to complete the main viaduct stretching more than 800 m (Bridge 9) in accordance with the client- established timeline.

The structure consists of 21 piers reaching a maximum height of 46 m, built using the RKS Formwork System. This guided climbing system permits vertical advance without damage to the face of the structure. The lifting structure was built using MK profiles that provide versatility, adapting to all worksite requirements, including the configuration of working platforms and safe access points.

As a support structure for the pier heads, Heavy-Duty MK Brackets were employed in large part because, like the climbing system, they can adjust to any dimension. With a cantilever of more than 6 m extending out from the sides of each pier, the formwork shaped the pier heads weighing more than 1000 kN each.

The Heay-Duty MK Brackets combine versatility with the ability to support heavy cantilevered loads.

Wide working platforms, measuring 2.6 m in width, were built around the piers using the MK System. Work was thus carried out in complete safety underneath the deck structure.

The hollow interiors of the piers were built with the KSP Platform, a simple solution for supporting the formwork when working in restricted spaces. The system employs standardised MK components to cover any distance necessary.