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Roads and Bridges

Design, engineering and integration to the landscape are the main challenges to face when constructing a bridge or viaduct.
Every project is unique. We offer configurable bridge formwork systems optimized for every bridge structure.
Ask for advice on your next bridge or viaduct construction project.

Bridge on Motorway S3, Miêdzyrzecz, Poland

This bridge is part of the Motorway S3, which will link the Baltic Sea with the Czech Republic.

Motorway A4, Overpass E118, Tarnów - Dębica, Poland

Located in the south of Poland, the 34 km long Motorway A4 connects the cities of Krys and Debica. The bridge over the Wisłoka River or Overpass E118 is with 1,350 m the largest structure of the motorway.

Intersection of A1 and A2 motorways, Strykow, Poland

Located in Strykow, the junction of motorways A1 (north-south) and A2 (east-west) is the second largest of Poland with estimated 130 thousand vehicles per day.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie Bridge, Warsaw, Poland

The 795 m long bridge has three separate carriageways: two of 13.36 m width for vehicular traffic and a third of 12.76 m for trams, pedestrians and bicycles.

Expressway S-69 Bielsko Biała - Żywiec – Zwardoń, Poland

This is the longest expressway of Poland that links the area of Bielsko-Biala with Slovakia.

Narcea Viaduct, Asturias, Spain

This viaduct is the main infrastructure of the Espina A-63 motorway in Asturias.

Bypass road in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

The project involves the connection between the bypass road of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the motorway GC.2 in the stretch of Tamaraceite-Tenoya-Arucas-Costa.

Bridge over the Las Llamas river bed, Santander, Spain

Much of this area is occupied by the Atlantic Park of the Santander city council, and is an urban area of great ecologic interest.

Gabaundi Viaduct, Arrasate/Mondragon, Spain

This infrastructure is part of the high-speed railway line Gasteiz/Vitoria - Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastian, within the stretch of Arrasate/Mondragon - Elorrio.

AP-1 Eibar-Vitoria Highway, Basagoiti Viaduct, Spain

ULMA Construction has contributed to the infrastructure improvement in the Basque Country through the construction of the Eskoriatza - Arrasate.

Access to the West Entrance of the Dels 2 Valires Tunnel, Andorra

The new access roads to the Dos Valires Tunnel are part of one of the largest infrastructure projects carried out in Andorra.

A-8 Cantabrian Highway. Ballota-Cadavedo Stretch, Spain

The transformation of Ballota-Cadavedo into a double highway has resulted in the move of the A-8 highway towards the western side of the country.