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Educational and Health Care Centre Construction

We cover all applications for educational buildings and health care centres. Excellent concrete finishes and safety standards are guaranteed. Ask for advice on your next construction project.

The Royal Columbian Hospital (Phase 2), New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

The Royal Columbian Hospital is located overlooking the Fraser River, and it is the oldest hospital in British Columbia. Phase 2 of its redevelopment will establish a 10-storey new acute care tower with 350 beds, a larger emergency department and maternity unit, more operating rooms, 350+ underground parkades, a rooftop heliport, and a new main entrance.

Woodstock General Hospital, Ontario, Canada

The new Woodstock General Hospital, with three stories and modern facilities, substitutes the city´s old hospital.

Schaumburg Clinic, Germany

Using the CC-4 formwork system we were able to pour 30,000 m³ of concrete in situ in little more than 6 months, working under tight deadlines with demanding quality standards.

Yale Residences, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Residences at Yale University - $500 Million dollar project. 700 workers. 50 to 60 subcontractors. Up to 100 to 150 cubic yards of concrete poured daily.

Ñuñoa Clinic, Santiago, Chile

Hospital located in the Ñuñoa Commune that is going to relieve the Santiago hospital network.

Lucca Hospital, Italy

This project is designed according to the latest standards in hospital construction: open and bright spaces, safety, solidity, seismic design and stability.

University of the Pacific, Lima, Peru

Built on a plot of 2,010 m², this building has 5 floors and 6 basements and covers 17,000 m² floor area.

University Clinic, Düsseldorf, Germany

The new Medical Center II is the key for the restructuration and modernization of the University Clinic in Düsseldorf.