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Sustainable Products & New Environmentally-friendly Initiatives

Jul 14, 2022
ULMA Canada is working towards product certifications to show our dedication to using sustainable products and practices.

It is important that new construction assess the structures' environmental and human health impacts, to ensure we are creating a sustainable future. ULMA believes in being a part of the process of building healthier communities for people and the environment. We take pride in our sustainable products and practices, and how we can fit into international sustainability/environmental standards. 

All our products are designed for reusability and versatility. Certain products serve multiple functions with many others, to avoid creating multiple products that only serve one function. This limits the material used and guarantees that our products are being used efficiently.

Our products can be reused for multiple jobs in their lifetime, and last many years before the end of life. Further, by giving customers the option to rent our products, we can monitor, repair, and reuse them for years. 98% of the products rented by ULMA Construction Canada in 2021 were reusable.

At the end of life, our products are also highly recyclable. In 2021, it was found that 86.1% of all scrapped products (formwork and scaffolding) at ULMA Construction Canada were recyclable.