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Terms and Conditions of Use for ULMA Studio for Revit®


1. These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the relationship between ULMA Construction and the User with respect to the licensing and use of ULMA Studio for Revit® software (henceforth ULMA Studio).

2. The User confirms that she or he understands and accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to any and all use and operation of ULMA Studio.  

3. ULMA Construction offers its software online through its website By downloading this software from ULMA Construction’s website, the User accepts the License Agreement between ULMA Construction and the User as established in these Terms and Conditions.

4. The Licensee obtains a non-exclusive license to use the software.

5. The use of ULMA Studio Software is free unless otherwise agreed upon.

6. The installation of ULMA Studio is restricted to one user or computer per license, and ULMA Construction will not be responsible for the installation of that software. 

7. The Licensee cannot make copies of the software, with the sole exception of system backups made for security reasons.

8. ULMA Studio can connect to the Internet automatically to download and install updates or improvements, without prior notice. You accept said connection, download, and automatic installation of updates and improvements. 


1. ULMA Studio is an Add-In for Revit® that helps the User to apply ULMA products, and given the continual evolution of materials and designs, it may contain errors in the final results that will affect their use. It is always the User’s responsibility to check and verify the data obtained prior to use, in both design and the materials to be used.

2. Although ULMA Construction created ULMA Studio with as much diligence and expert knowledge as possible, the User recognizes that it is impossible to create software completely free of error. Therefore, ULMA Construction does not guarantee that ULMA Studio will function without interruption, that it will be free of errors, or that these errors can be completely eliminated. ULMA Construction cannot be held responsible for any harm (including personal) and/or detriment directly caused by program malfunction.

3. ULMA Construction is not in any way responsible for any outcomes occasioned by the use of this program under any circumstances, even if the usage is correct. You assume full responsibility, with full indemnity for ULMA Construction, for any detriment or harm of any kind that may be caused to yourself or to third parties by any use, including proper use, of the program. 

4. It is the sole responsibility of the User to acquire the prerequisites needed for the operating system, as well as the licenses and software that will allow her or him to use ULMA Studio legally.

5. The User should notify ULMA Construction of any relevant defects or errors immediately after discovering them.  

6. The documents and/or files created with ULMA Studio (with measurements, calculations, plans, parameters, etc.) cannot be applied without comparison to the ULMA Construction User Guides or any other applicable technical information about ULMA Construction formwork and/or scaffolding. ULMA Construction does not assume any responsibility in this regard. 


1. The User is not authorized, specifically, to modify, process, translate, perform reverse engineering, compile or decompile any part of the software, produce derivative works, or, regardless of whether it be temporarily or permanently, totally or partially, copy the software to publish, distribute, contract, or resell the software or make it accessible to third parties, for example, on the Internet. 

2. ULMA Construction expressly recognizes every and all intellectual property rights and exclusive intellectual exploitation rights applicable to ULMA Studio software. 

3. The license does not include the transfer of any part of software ownership to the User by ULMA Construction, such as copyrights or, as applicable, patent rights. 

4. ULMA Construction further recognizes that these rights apply to the computer program, the user manuals, and all associated information and support material. 


1. The license terminates automatically in the event that the software is uninstalled. 

2. In the event that the agreement is revoked, regardless of the cause for said revocation, the Licensee must stop using the software immediately and remove it from any computer on which it is installed. The Licensee must confirm in writing that she or he has fully complied with this obligation.


1. The place of performance for all obligations derived from or related to the agreement between ULMA Construction and the Licensee shall be Oñati, Spain.


ULMA Construction uses a log file in this product. Through the download form the following data will be collected: (i) information obtained at the time of registration; identification in general and electronic contact information specifically, and (ii) the data produced by electronic processes (Internet browsing habits), IP Address, and information gathered by cookies, pixel tags, and other technologies. 

This information will be used to guarantee proper utilization, and to improve our products and understand how people use them, as well as to improve user-friendliness and software stability.

For more information the User can consult ULMA Construction’s Data Protection and Cookies Policy here: