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Wastewater Plant Project

ENKOFORM VMK Solution at Hydro Project in Ontario.
ENKOFORM VMK Solution at Wastewater Plant Project in Ontario.


This project consists of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant that will remove the reliance on existing septic systems in the surrounding communities. ULMA partnered with its customer to provide our ENKOFORM VMK system.  

ULMA Solution

At this project, formwork for large round CIP tanks was required. ULMA stepped in to help by providing custom pre-assembled panels. Our team put in the extra effort to speed up panel fabrication, ensuring we met the customer's schedule and stayed off the critical path. 

ENKOFORM emerged as the ideal choice, thanks to its remarkable flexibility in design and the availability of locally stocked components in ample quantities. These two key advantages enabled us to supply the necessary number of panels to align with the customer's pouring schedule and tailor every aspect, including lifting points, supports, ties, and more, to their specific requirements.