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These buildings generally feature spectacular architectural designs.
Our main objective is to offer an appropriate climbing technology with an integrated safety solution.
All the above mentioned together with day-to-day support, we can achieve faster construction progress.

Donna Towers, Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE

The Donna Towers are two 170 m high twin towers, one for residential use and the other for business purposes, joined together by a 3-story podium.

S y V Tower, Madrid, Spain

The 236 m tall S y V Tower has 59 floors with 1,600 m² each, to which an additional 6 underground floors of 7,500 m² must be added.

Fira Towers, Barcelona, Spain

The two towers, designed by the well known architect Toyo Ito, are approximately 120 m high. Each has its own function: one is a hotel and the other is a 40,000 m² office building.