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The Branch Condos, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Vertical Formwork solutions at Residential Development
Located in the prime destination of Oakville, this residential development is only minutes away from all essential amenities including daycare, elementary schools, gym, and grocery stores, and nestled amongst beautiful scenic parks, trails, creeks, streams, and golf courses. Residents can easily access local transit as well as the highway to travel around.


The building will comprise 8 storeys which will accommodate 49 suites on each floor adding up to a total of 334 suites. 

ULMA Solution

This building is currently under construction and ULMA is assisting the project by providing its concrete forming systems, ORMA and KSP.


The ORMA Modular Formwork is perfect for building vertical concrete structures like walls, columns, abutments, and footings.

  • Being versatile in nature, ORMA can sustain high concrete pressures to support a wide range of concrete structures.
  • The panel connection can be conveniently done with clamps and a single hammer blow making the job fast and easy.


The KSP platform is designed to support cavities such as elevator cores, staircase shafts, and hollow piers where formwork support is necessary.

  • The system facilitates the possibility of installing a cone recovery platform.
  • It is adjustable to cover any distance with standard and modular material, primarily walers and timber beams.

The gravity pawl bracket is highly adaptable to all waler types and different lengths.