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Ivy Condos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Perimeter Protection System
Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto and the world’s longest street – Yonge Street, the Ivy is a 34-storey, high-rise condominium development designed to provide a luxurious living experience to its residents and quick access to the city’s public transit and major attractions.


This high-rise condominium development located on Yonge Street, Toronto, will comprise 34-storeys with an outdoor pool on the 33rd floor – providing spectacular views of downtown Toronto. It is also conveniently located nearby Canada’s top universities, national museums, the city’s financial district, and many other major attractions, including the CN Tower.

ULMA Solutions

ULMA participated in this project by offering its Perimeter Protection Safety System – MK Truss assembled into an outrigger style platform that provides 20’ of protection outside the edge of the slab along the entire side of the building adjacent to a heritage building.

    • MK truss was assembled into a platform that was compact enough to ship via truck from the ULMA Logistics & Yard in Cambridge to Downtown Toronto.
    • The Perimeter Protection Platforms (PPMK) vary in width from 1.9m to 3.6m and project 6.1m outside of the building slab edge.
    • The PPMK platforms are set into place on the levels below the working deck using the tower crane and are lifted as the building completes additional levels.
    • The PPMK platforms protect the roof of the adjacent building from debris and act as a storage platform.
    • Each PPMK platform can carry up to 1800Kg of tools, equipment, or formwork for a total of 14,400 Kg of overall storage capacity.