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Ofiswerks, Vancouver, British Columbia

Vertical and horizontal solutions
Located in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant neighbourhood, Mount Pleasant, Ofiswerks is a brand-new development of commercial office building.


This commercial development located in Vancouver, British Columbia is a 4-level office and retail building with a rooftop patio, a multipurpose meeting room, and 2 level underground parking garage. It is conveniently located close to public transport, banks, food joints, hospital, and many other local amenities. 

ULMA Solution

ULMA participated in this project by offering its concrete forming systems – ORMA and ALUPROP.


    • ORMA Panels are being used for the main core wall, shear wall and rectangular columns.
    • The building’s floor height reaches up to 6.6 meters. The flexibility and compatibility of ORMA Panels make it possible to cycle the formwork between all vertical elements at every floor and height.
    • Due to ORMA’s ready-to-go system feature, less space and maintenance is required on-site.
    • With ORMA’s superior surface quality and concrete surface finishing, less manpower and time are required.


    • ALUPROP shoring system is being used for all floor slab concrete pourings and reshoring afterwards.
    • ALUPROP with its features allows the site to use the same system for all floor heights and under different loading scenarios.
    • It’s lightweight and high loading capacity at the same time saves up from formwork labor and time. It requires less components and accessories which benefits the site for storage in a tight construction site.