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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Wall and Column Formwork

ULMA offers the latest in wall forms and column forms for vertical concrete construction solutions. The diverse and wide range of modular and beam formwork in imperial dimensions enables the contractor to form most any vertical structure.  Whether or not a crane is available, ULMA has the formwork system to form a vertical structure safely and efficiently with minimal labor costs.

ULMA panel forms are extremely versatile and the crane-lifted systems can be used for constructing standard concrete walls, perimeter basement walls, circular walls, columns, foundations and footings, abutments, pier caps etc.

ULMA one-sided wall forms are ideal for subway systems, dams and any other building structure where one face walls are needed.

ULMA’s proven formwork systems have successfully formed concrete structures in most every construction sector in dozens of countries. ULMA concrete formwork engineers work with you throughout the design and construction.