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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Know How

Efficient solutions for complex projects

Even the most complex projects start off simple. This is the moment when the “big ideas” are generated. At ULMA we work alongside our customers from the very beginning so that we can develop the design solution together and modify, as necessary, throughout the construction process.

Wide range of products

Modular and beam-based formwork, climbing systems, and shoring systems. Our products are versatile in order to promote maximum safety, profitability and efficiency on site, no matter what the size and complexity of the project.

Geographic diversity

We have more than 25 subsidiaries strategically located around the world. They are full-service facilities, able to offer technical and logistical support as well as stock with the shortest possible lead times.


We have a permanent program of research and development that enables us to offer high quality materials, products and services.

From idea to solution we are by the customer’s side during the entire process, providing solutions. Our competitive position rests on our ability to innovate and continuously improve our products, processes and services.

When designing the project, our engineers analyze the optimal way to move forward together with the customer providing added value that comes from our deep knowledge of design processes and the application of our systems.

Close teamwork, professionalism and a multidisciplinary team allow us to offer comprehensive service, up close and personal, based on actively listening to the customer. We are by the customer’s side advising them from the early design stage until project delivery, committed to the quality of our products and on-time material delivery.

Safety is one of the main pillars of ULMA’s philosophy. Construction work is intrinsically dangerous and our commitment is reflected in our design of systems that promote worker safety while handling and assembling our products. We provide customers with thorough documentation to erect and use our products correctly.

Our commitment every day is to promote the safety of everyone in your work crew and third parties. Part of our advisory service for all customers, from the design phase through construction itself, is to put exhaustive safety measures into effect.

All our systems include safety features for assembly as well as for use on the building site. At ULMA, we study, design and develop our formwork and shoring towers and all our other products with two main criteria in mind:

  • Product performance and cost.
  • Safety.